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The complex of Nuestra Señora de la Tejeda consists of a convent building and the church. The former is made up of two cloisters. The first, where the entrance is located, has two levels with semicircular arches. The second is located on the south side, next to the outbuildings. It is Baroque in style, with a square floor plan decorated with four arches and covered with a lunette vault. The church is located between the aforementioned cloisters.

The image of the Virgin of Tejeda was found by a shepherd in a yew tree (1205), hence its name, although to this day there is some doubt as to whether it was found in this place or in a nearby cave. With the arrival of the Trinitarios Calzados, the church and convent were built near the place where she was found, next to the river Ojos de Moya.

The current building has two cloisters, one open from the 17th century and the other baroque, closed, with two floors and a central courtyard, where you can lose yourself and enjoy its endless corridors and ancient walls. An ideal place to meditate and read while enjoying the silence only interrupted a couple of times a day by the sound of the bells of the church of Nuestra Señora de Tejeda.

A flood of the river Ojos de Moya swept away the complex in 1516, fortunately saving the carving. For this reason, in 1517 the Community of Tejeda bought some land that would form the site of the present monastery, but in its current location. At the end of the century the convent was finished, but the work on the sanctuary continued for more than two hundred years.

The place has experienced great moments of splendour, starting to go downhill in the 19th century with the disentailment of Mendizábal. In 1927 a fire destroyed the image, except for its head. Marco Pérez was commissioned to make the new carving. There followed the difficult times of the Civil War, during which time the sanctuary was sacked, although the image was able to be saved again.
The legend of the Virgin of Tejeda
"The chronicles tell us that on the 14th of August 1205, on a day of stifling and intense heat, the breezes from the east cooled and gave way to a slow and leisurely sunset. On the cool grassy banks of the river Ojos de Moya, not far from Garaballa, a shepherd named Juan was ready to give thanks to the Most High for having passed the day without mishap or misfortune when suddenly the whole valley was illuminated by a powerful light, In the middle of the foliage of one of the yew trees that grew there appeared a Lady who, with her tender infant on her lap, told him among other things that the monks who carried a white and red cross (Trinitarians) should build a temple in that place to worship her... "
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