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Gastronomy of our land

A gastronomic space in Garaballa, Cuenca, where it is easy to get caught up in the flavours of our cuisine, the smells of our wines and the pleasure of feeling at ease. The restaurant of the Tejeda Monastery has been fully restored, taking care of the smallest detail since its opening. In order to preserve the unique atmosphere of the Monastery, it maintains a classic style but at the same time with modern nuances and comforts.
The restaurant offers a gastronomy with typical products and dishes from the low mountains of Cuenca, with Valencian influences, due to its proximity. The products of our dishes are always fresh and of high quality to guarantee the customer an unforgettable experience. We also have a wide variety of dishes, creating different daily menus, as well as personalised menus for events.
The restaurant
Our restaurant is divided into two areas, the restaurant and the cafeteria. It also has a landscaped back terrace and a front terrace with spectacular views of the façade of the church of the Virgen de Tejeda and its gardens.
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